Show Business - Theater Reviews<![CDATA[ “The Lion” Written and performed by Benjamin Scheuer]]>Review by Sarah Lucie In musicals, it’s most common for a character to break into song when they can no longer express themselves through words alone, and so songs are moments of intense emotions an]]><![CDATA[“When We Were Young and Unafraid” by Sarah Treem]]>Review by Iris Greenberger The women’s movement still has a long way to go, although it has brought about sweeping legislative reforms since 1972, when Agnes (Cherry Jones) was running a small bed a]]><![CDATA[In the Green Room <BR> with John Rowell]]>One of the highlights of the just-ended theater season in New York was the delightful musical comedy/murder mystery Murder For Two, which opened last summer at the McGinn/Cazale Theater uptown and moved to New World Stages last fall, where it has played to enthusiastic houses ever since (and where it continues through June 29.)]]><![CDATA[“Wet Glitter” <BR>Play and Lyrics by Lucile Baker Scott<br>Music by Julia Weldon]]>Paradox Valley, Colorado, isn’t the ideal vacation spot. For one, it houses an abandoned uranium mine that the government has labeled radioactive.]]><![CDATA[ “The Merchant of Venice” by William Shakespeare]]>Oh, irony. Leave it to Shakespeare to open one of his most well-known comedies with the line: “In sooth, I know not why I am so sad.” ]]><![CDATA[“Our New Girl” by Nancy Harris]]>Something isn’t right with the Robinson family. Fresh-faced nanny Annie (Lisa Joyce) can sense something amiss as soon as she arrives.]]><![CDATA[“A Serious Banquet” directed by Erin B. Mee with text by Jessie Bear]]>It’s 1908, and Picasso is throwing a dinner party for fellow painter, Henri Rousseau, at his studio in Le Bateau-Lavoir in Bohemian Paris. ]]><![CDATA[“The Anthem”]]>In our digital age of over sharing one’s personal triumphs and general specialness, it isn’t hard to imagine a world where said individuality is a crime.]]><![CDATA[“The Party Play” <BR>by Valerie Work]]>hat happens when your dreams don’t come true and success seemingly comes naturally to those around you? You move home, back with your parents, and your roommate and friends continue to grow.]]><![CDATA[ “This is How I Don’t Know How to Dance”]]>Stop me if you’ve heard this one. Twenty strangers walk into a bar. The bartender says, what is this, some kind of play?]]><![CDATA[“The Lovesong of Alfred J Hitchcock” by David Rudkin]]>Alfred J Hitchcock is a man whose work is known throughout the world, but whose personal life remains shrouded in mystery.]]><![CDATA[ “Sea Marks”<br>by Gardner McKay]]>Playwright and actor Gardner McKay wrote so lovingly about the sea in “Sea Marks” that I felt sure that it somehow must have been in his blood.]]><![CDATA[ “An Octoroon” <br>by Branden Jacobs-Jenkins]]>Slaves say the darndest things. Like it or not, that’s one of the takeaways of this brilliant, hilarious, exciting and edgy new play.]]><![CDATA[ “The Complete and Condensed Stage Directions of Eugene O’Neill, Volume 2,” adapted by Christopher Loar]]>Eugene O’Neill’s piercing gaze hovers over audience members as they meander into the Cino Theater, his portrait hanging haphazardly from a rope that wraps around the...]]><![CDATA[“Inventing Mary Martin” by Stephen Cole]]>“Mary made an audience feel like they could never love her as much as she loved them,” Jason Graae tells the audience, just as...]]><![CDATA[ “peddling” by Harry Melling]]>Writer-actor Harry Melling recently recalled his childhood memory of a salesman who came to the door, was turned away, and then threw rocks at the house for a while.]]><![CDATA[ “Casa Valentina” by Harvey Fierstein]]>You may be shocked to learn that in the 1960s, there was a run-down bungalow colony in the Catskill Mountains that catered to a unique clientele—married, heterosexual men whose secret obsession and common bond was their need to dress and identify as female. ]]><![CDATA[ “Four Last Things” by Lisa Tierney-Keogh]]>The non-profit Royal Family Productions is presenting the American premiere of Irish playwright Lisa Tierney-Keogh’s personal play “Four Last Things” at...]]><![CDATA[“Annapurna” by Sharr White]]>Is it ever too late to resurrect a broken marriage? ]]><![CDATA[“Your Mother’s Copy of the Kama Sutra” by Kirk Lynn]]>Being naked isn’t the same as being fully exposed. When Reggie proposes to his girlfriend Carla, she happily agrees to marry him. ]]>