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Wednesday, February 12,2014

“I Call My Brothers” by Jonas Hassen Khemiri

Translated from the Swedish by Rachel Wilson-Broyles

Is Amor, played by Damon Owlia, growing paranoid? Or is there some validity to his growing suspicion that, as an Arab-American in post 9-11 New York, he is always being watched?
Wednesday, February 12,2014

“Pool Play”
by Jessie Bear

with contributions from Charles Mee and Jeanine T. Abraham

Immersive theater is all the rage these days—compare anything to Sleep No More and you’re guaranteed a sold-out show.
Tuesday, February 11,2014

“Twelfth Night” by William Shakespeare

at Abrons Arts Center

If music be the food of love, there’s an abundance of it happening on Grand Street. In an evening filled to the brim with drunken debauchery, a roaming Balkan music ensemble and a little bit of drag...
Thursday, February 6,2014

“Beertown” devised by dog & pony dc

Directed by Rachel Grossman

It’s fitting that such a uniquely brilliant blend of theater and democracy would have started in the nation’s capital.
Thursday, January 30,2014

“A Man’s A Man”
by Bertolt Brecht

at Classic Stage Company

There are two kinds of theater folk out there. Those that do Brecht, and those who don’t. Known for his gloomy depictions of society, his plays are often easier to process with plenty of comic relief, and music.
Wednesday, January 29,2014

“Miss Lead” by Mary Kathryn Nagle

at 59E59 Theaters

With its environmental, social subject matter and compassionately drawn characters, it’s clear from the outset that Amerinda’s new production has its heart in the right place.
Wednesday, January 29,2014

“Outside Mullingar” by John Patrick Shanley

Manhattan Theatre Club at The Samuel J. Friedman Theatre

A promotional flyer for “Outside Mullingar” says: Love plays the long game.
Sunday, January 26,2014

“Craving For Travel”
Co-Written by Greg Edwards and Andy Sandberg

at Peter J. Sharp Theatre

Review by Rebecca Bernard In the digital age of smart phones and Expedia, live travel agents seem to have become a distant part of our past. Logistical planning can be completely controlled by the cli
Friday, January 24,2014

“The Clearing”
by Jake Jeppson

Theatre at St. Clement’s

Strong family ties can be a good or a bad thing, depending upon the family and what it is that keeps them connected.
Wednesday, January 22,2014

“The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner” by Alan Sillitoe

stage adaptation by Roy Williams
directed by Leah C. Gardiner

Normally, a play follows a protagonist as he overcomes obstacles to get what he wants.