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Sunday, June 16,2013

by J.B. Priestley

at 59E59 Theatres

J.B. Priestley was one of Britain’s top playwrights from the 1930s through the 1950s. “Cornelius”—a dark comedy which comments on the drudgery of the business world and the allure of roads not taken—was recently chosen for revival by ...
Saturday, June 15,2013

by Ken Ferrigni

at the TBG Theatre

The United States had its fair share of economic troubles recently, but it’s difficult to imagine a time when things are so bad that we are forced to sell part of Florida to China.
Friday, June 14,2013

by Barry Rowell

at The John Farley Post Office

Ever since Peter Minuit of the Dutch West India Company purchased Manna-hata, the island of many hills for 60 guilders, the dealings of ambitious businessmen battling to claim New York City has been going strong.
Wednesday, June 12,2013

“You Are Dead. You Are Here” by Christine Evans

Presented by Transit Lounge at HERE

Every war has two sides. It can be difficult to position yourself at a vantage point with an all-inclusive perspective, but this new play pulls it off ingeniously.
Tuesday, June 11,2013

“Good Television”
by Rob McLachlan

at Atlantic Stage 2

Rod McLachlan’s electric Off-Broadway debut centers on the production crew of “Rehabilitation,” a reality television series that documents addicts in seek of treatment.
Tuesday, June 4,2013

“Mrs. Mayfield’s Fifth-Grade Class of ’93: 20-Year Reunion”
by Mariah MacCarthy

at an apartment in Astoria, presented by Caps Lock Theatre

If you wish your theatre-going experience was more like a house party and less like a sacramental ceremony this show is for you.
Monday, June 3,2013

“Far From Heaven”

Music by Michael Korie & Scott Frankel
Book by Richard Greenberg

Based on Todd Haynes’s celebrated film starring Julianne Moore, a perfect housewife discovers that her ideal of Heaven may be closer to a nightmare.
Monday, June 3,2013

by Sharon Glassman and Gretchen Klinedinst-Furst

at Marvell Repertory Theatre

To place a finger on the complicated relationship between mothers and daughters sounds like an impossible task, maybe even a messy one depending on who you’re talking to.
Monday, May 27,2013

“Showgirls! The Musical!” by Bob and Tobly McSmith

at XL Cabaret, Nightclub & Lounge

If imitation is considered the highest form of flattery, then ‘Showgirls! The Musical!’ currently playing at XL, is a fervent homage to the cult ninties film.
Thursday, May 23,2013

“I Wanna Destroy You”
by Joshua Conkel

at the Beckett Theater

Depending on your personal sensitivities, you’ve probably noticed that most gay characters in mainstream plays and television are predictably one-dimensional.