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Thursday, September 12,2013

“Sacred Elephant”
by Heathcote Williams

adapted for the stage by Geoffrey Hyland and Jeremy Crutchley

The elephant is the world’s most ancient and largest living land-mammal. It is a living legend, occupying a rich place in religious stories and children’s imaginations.
Thursday, September 12,2013

“stop. reset.”
by Regina Taylor

at Signature Theatre Company

Imagine a future where it is possible to erase your own personal and cultural history while adopting another’s. As the tangible and weighted bodies of books become digitized and easily shared across the world and between diverse societies, Taylor poses the question:
Tuesday, September 10,2013

“Franklin Stein” by C. J. Thom

at the Connelly Theater

Gadfly Productions’ macabre, colorful fable has a lot going for it. Its lead actor, Anton Koval, displays a remarkable gift for physical comedy and maintains a high level of energy throughout a grueling gamut of transformations.
Sunday, September 8,2013

“Everything is Ours”
by Nikole Beckwith

at HERE Arts Center

What does a young couple do when they have everything one could imagine? In Sara and Mitchell’s case, the twosome at the center of Nikole Beckwith’s quick-witted play, they get incredibly bored.
Saturday, August 31,2013

“The Awake” by Ken Urban

at 59E59 Theaters

You are now entering The Twilight Zone…or something like it. Three complete strangers find themselves in horrific new realities. Are they dreaming?
Friday, August 16,2013

Summer Shorts,
by Neal LaBute, Lucas Hnath and Tina Howe

at 59E59 Theaters

Now in its sixth year, Throughline Productions’ annual one act festival continues to attract an impressive roster of talent and provide a low-pressure forum for experimentation.
Friday, August 16,2013

“Me Love Me” by Brandon Baruch

at The Players Theater

Consider this nightmare: the most annoying narcissist you know meets his clone. Terrifying, right?
Friday, August 16,2013

“Under the Greenwood Tree”
Music and adaptation
by Tyler Phillips

at The Flea Theater

Who doesn’t want to escape the oppressive summer heat of the New York City streets to find a sanctuary in the Forest of Arden?
Thursday, August 8,2013

“Old Familiar Faces” Written and directed by Nat Cassidy

at The Players Theatre

Somewhere between madness and murder, loving and leaving is where the heart of Ned Campbell’s impressionistic, funny and personal new play “Old Familiar Faces” lies.
Wednesday, July 31,2013

“Three Eleanors”
by Dorothy Chansky and Karen Wurl

at Stage Left Studios

Eleanor Roosevelt. Eleanor of Aquitane. Eleonora Duse. What do these three women have in common, other than parents who liked the name Eleanor?