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Thursday, July 4,2013

“The Orpheus Variations”
by Deconstructive Theatre Project

at HERE Arts Center

Through an innovative mixture of film and theater, The Deconstructive Theatre Project has developed a beautiful, affective, thought-provoking style of storytelling that transports...
Wednesday, July 3,2013

“Be the Death of Me” by The Civilians

at Irondale Center

Walking into the historic Irondale Center, which was once a church, a sense of melancholy pervades.
Friday, June 28,2013

“Bella's Dream” written and choreographed by Dana Boll

at the Clemente Soto Velez Center

Now that the “too soon” taboo regarding the Holocaust has largely been lifted, theater artists have begun to explore this challenging topic in new and innovative ways.
Friday, June 28,2013

“It’s Just Sex” by Jeff Gould

Though it suffers from a few lulls, Jeff Gould’s bedroom serio-farce offers plenty of laughs while raising a few provocative questions about the challenges of monogomy.
Thursday, June 27,2013

“Gepetto” by Renee Philippi

at HERE Arts Center

How can a puppeteer perform with a broken puppet and a broken heart? With only a week left until the Niagara Falls Festival, Puppeteer ‘G’ is frantic.
Wednesday, June 26,2013

“Unbroken Circle”
by James Wesley

at St. Luke’s Theatre

And you think your family has problems? In 1970’s Galveston Texas, a family gathers together for the first time in years to mourn the death of Grandfather Travis.
Tuesday, June 25,2013

“Rantoul and Die”
by Mark Roberts

at Cherry Lane Theatre

The Amoralists, that scrappy downtown theatre company with the down-and-dirty aim to depict an “honest expression of the American condition,” has cultivated a reputation for working-class realism laced with a punk-rock edge.
Thursday, June 20,2013

“The Silver Cord”
by Sidney Howard

at Theatre at St. Clement’s

Sidney Howard is perhaps best known for receiving the Pulitzer Prize for Drama in 1925 for They Knew What They Wanted, and a posthumous Academy Award in 1940 for the screenplay for Gone with the Wind.
Thursday, June 20,2013

“False Solution”
by Oren Safdie

at La MaMa

Through intellectual and heady art-talk, personal interests collide when a pretty Ivy League architecture student questions a world-renowned architect’s plans for a Holocaust museum in the slums of Poland.
Tuesday, June 18,2013

“Still More of Our Parts: 6 New Plays About Disability in 70 Minutes”

Presented by Theater Breaking Through Barriers

Playwrights Jerrod Bogard, Bekah Brunstetter, Bruce Graham, Samuel D. Hunter, Neil LaBute, and Lynn Manning come together to delve into the realities of disabled people in a sincere and shockingly hilarious collection of short plays.